SAFECRUSH was designed to be placed on a ward trolley, and it is undoubtedly a piece of equipment that nurses and other health workers would not want to be without. The sophisticated electronics used in this machine control every aspect of the way it works, from the level of power needed, the correct functioning of its safety sensors and the powerful battery - guaranteed to grind up to 800 pills before it has to be recharged. It works with convenient graduated disposable crushing cups.


> IT’S POWERFUL: it can grind even the hardest pills as well as coated pills

> IT’S RECHARGEABLE: the long-lasting battery can crush up to 800 pills with one single charge.

> CLEAN AND SAFE: The pills are grinded between two disposable caps.

> IT’S COMPACT: it only takes up 16 x 24 cmy (around 6,5 x 9 inches) of space on a ward trolley.

> SOPHISTICATED: the electronics control the level of power, the battery and check safety sensors.

> EASY TO USE: it is a single button operation

> IT’S QUIET: there’s no risk of disturbing other patients on the ward when it is in use

> PROFESSIONAL STANDARD: it was designed for heavy duty usage

> STURDY AND LONG-LASTING: it’s almost entirely made of metal and techno-polymers





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